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Reflective Essay Assignment High School Advantage Disadvantage Essay

Ap British Thesis Help This lesson is all about IELTS advantage disadvantage essay questions when you’re told to evaluate whether the advantages of something over-shadow the drawbacks. The subject from

Ap British Thesis Help

This lesson is all about IELTS advantage disadvantage essay questions when you’re told to evaluate whether the advantages of something over-shadow the drawbacks.

The subject from the essay which is often used for example is one of the trend to reside and work abroad.

Check out the essay question we will analyse:

Comprehending the Task

If you have this kind of advantage disadvantage essay you should separate this and something that insists upon discuss pros and cons but doesn’t ask your opinion.

If you’re requested “What are the pros and cons of….” you aren’t being requested your opinion. You can simply discuss the advantages and disadvantages.

You could do this this in 2 body sentences Body discussing the positive points, the following discussing the negative points.

However, if you possess the word “outweigh” or “Will this trend convey more negative or positive effects?” then you’re being requested for the opinion and also you must say which you will find probably the most of – negative or positive impacts.

If you don’t do that you might get the score reduced on ‘Task Response’ because of not fully addressing the issue.

Should you consider the IELTS public band descriptors (open to download should you choose an online search or offered by the local IELTS center), you will find that this might lower your band to some 5 with this criteria (it wouldn’t always modify the other three criteria).

(Take a look lesson on IELTS Band 7 for an introduction to the factors to get a band 7 if you’re unclear about exactly what the criteria are).

Check out these examples:

What exactly are the pros and cons of the trend?

This advantage disadvantage essay isn’t requesting your opinion. You can simply write one paragraph around the advantages and the other around the disadvantages.

However, that one does:

Will this convey more negative or positive impacts?


Another indicate be cautious about is applying the term ‘outweigh’. It’s quite common for IELTS students to obtain confused once they write the thesis statement, and really repeat the opposite as to the they write within the essay!

For instance, they’ll repeat the drawbacks over-shadow the advantages, however give more benefits within the essay.

This is not sensible.

So if you’re unsure you should use the term properly, I would suggest not utilizing it in this kind of IELTS advantage disadvantage essay. You can easily say what your opinion is, as with the thesis within the model answer:

I have faith that it has more benefits than drawbacks.

This can avoid any mistakes.

Writing your Thesis

After this you have to consider 3 supporting ideas. One for just one side and 2 for sleep issues.

So you’ll then have three body sentences, one using the drawback / benefit and 2 using the advantages / disadvantages.

It’s quite common academic practice to begin with the opposing opinion to yours, so that you can begin with the reality that you’ve one idea for.

As described above, it is crucial, particularly if you are searching for any band 7 or greater, that the opinion reflects what’s inside your essay. If you have stated there are other benefits, you would then have two benefits and something drawback.

Now check out the benefit disadvantage essay model answer.

Model Advantage Disadvantage Essay

People now cost nothing to operate and live all over the world because of the growth and development of communication technology and transportation.

Do the benefits of this development over-shadow the disadvantages?

Nowadays lots of people decide to live or work far away, that has been permitted due to the ease of airline travel and modern communications. I have faith that it has more benefits than drawbacks.

The drawback to this development may be the distance that’s put between family people. If an individual moves away it is a fact that airline travel and devices for example skype imply that communication and phone could be maintained. However, chances are a thief are only in a position to return a couple of occasions annually during holidays, and speaking on skype or via email is totally different from face-to-face contact.

Regardless of this, you will find significant advantages it may provide people’s lives. First of all, this means that individuals possess the chance to determine other areas around the globe and exactly how people live. For instance, individuals from free airline frequently start working in Asia or even the Middle East and visa-versa. This enriches many people’s lives because they get to discover other languages, traditions, cultures and techniques used in working using their own country.

Additionally for this, on the wider level this may also benefit other nations. If a person moves abroad for work, it is almost always as their skill is needed there. As one example of, nurses and Doctors frequently proceed to operate in hospitals far away when there’s lack, making this very valuable towards the place they proceed to.

I’d therefore reason that however, there are disadvantages of the present trend to reside and work abroad, they’re outweighed through the advantages. It may enrich people’s lives and lives of those within the countries they proceed to.

(283 Words)

As you can tell within the essay, the author believes there are other benefits therefore the essay is biased towards this opinion, giving more advantages than disadvantages.

The opinion is extremely obvious, and repeated within the conclusion, and the entire body from the essay reflects this opinion so there won’t be any confusion if somebody reads it.

Different Ways to reply to the issue

This isn’t to point out this technique is the only method to answer this kind of question. There might be different ways.

For instance, many people advise to create two body sentences Body around the advantages and the other around the disadvantages, then within the conclusion condition which outweighs another.

This can be done, however it look at bit odd should you talk about them equally, however say there are other of 1 compared to other! A conclusion could be cleverly worded to make this happen, but that’s an advanced skill that lots of candidates don’t have.

You can write no more than the benefits or no more than disadvantages and reason that one vastly outweights another. However, the truth that the issue uses’outweigh’ or’more’ is suggesting there are both advantages and disadvantages.

The advantage of organising your benefit disadvantage essay as highlighted within this lesson is the fact that by searching at each side, you’ll have other great ideas to brainstorm. And importantly, your opinion is obvious custom essay service which is reflected within the essay, that is balanced to mirror and support your opinion.


Now you’ll have a practice.

Attempt to answer this advantage disadvantage essay question:

Increasingly more students are selecting to review at universites and colleges in foreign countries.

Do the advantages of studying abroad over-shadow the drawbacks?

One answer with this essay is going to be published shortly so watch this space, or register while using form on the authority to be notifed when you will find updates towards the site.

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